Monday, March 15, 2010

This week's strong Canadian connection with Karl Lagerfeld

Karl and Bruce at Karl’s studio in Paris. (Photo by Olivier Saillant)
Self-portrait by Karl Lagerfeld

Since Karl likes comics of himself, we commissioned this one by Johnny Ryan.
Karl in the film L’Amour, 1973. (Photo from The Films of Paul Morrissey by Maurice Yacowar, Cambridge University Press, 1993)
All images from Vice magazine

Bruce LaBruce's Vice magazine interview with Karl Lagerfeld came out and it it is by far one of the most interesting ones I have ever read. Only Bruce could say to say to Lagerfeld  "I think that you might have Asperger syndrome. Do you know what that is? It’s a kind of autism. It’s like an idiot savant"say it self assuredly, and have the Kaiser agree. They are both erudite people who are able to communicate on an equal footing, more over I love the fact that the 7 page interview did not focus on fashion. A MUST READ
On a fashion note, Bruce looks great.

So now to Lagerfeld's other Canadian connection this week with  Tommy Ton  being involved in an unfortunate appropriation of words. The blogosphere has been busy with rumors that Lagerfeld is exiting Chanel, due to a statement he made being twisted  into a theory by Grazia Australia. Twist all you want...Tommy's news are not so.
I am starting to think that Grazia magazine is all about stirring controversy first Tavi now Tommy. Hmm...I smell grabbing tactics.


  1. funny comic. karl lagerfeld is awesome

  2. You forgot that he chose Jean-Pierre Braganza as his protege for the AWI project a few seasons ago.

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