Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canadian NYFW 10/11 Preview

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I am a tad late on my preview as New York Fashion Week is well on its way. Blame it on S
nowpocalypse '10 even Paris is getting some of it and while north America thinks 1cm. of snow is normal I can't say enough about the mayhem it causes in the city of lights.
In any case here something on the Canadians in New York for this season.

The above is a print inspired by moss growing on rain forest rocks and trees and the colour story is inspired by Haida art - an inspiration which is more intensely explored in other prints in the collection.
Expect some incredible Canadian collaborations at the show; the world of art and fashion could not collide in a better way. This will be Jeremy's closest collection to home.

Of course Tommy will be posting his photos for but he was also included in the site's preview due to his collaboration with designer Reece Solomon of Reece Hudson.

Let the video speak for itself. Look out for an important Rad story on February 13th.

It is looking like a very exiting season already!

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  1. New York fashion Week is amazing...I can't wait to see what your posts about it will include.