Friday, January 15, 2010

New logo for Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing gets a redesign and by that I mean his label has changed. The new typography was done by graphic designer Colin Bergh who is also responsible for the re-branding of the well known Toronto art gallery Clint Roenisch.
Here is what Jeremy had to say about the reason and inspiration for the change:
"I wanted something new! The previous logo was what we came up with when starting the business on a whim a few years ago and no longer seemed appropriate considering the evolution of the my collection and business. I had been wanting to change it for some time so I asked Colin Bergh, a graphic designer friend of mine to make me something clean and minimal but also classic, with an ageless quality and a lot of character. Colin created a typeface for me - Teoblad Roman - based on letters drawn by Aldus Manutius in 1499. This dovetailed nicely with the inspiration of my Spring 2010 collection, which started with me looking a renaissance perspective drawings, so it seemed like a good time to launch the new logo"

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